We have introduced Wattbikes to Bikefit.ie for 2016. These are an incredible machine that allow you to improve your fitness, lose weight, rehabilitate after illness or injury and get the most from your time exercising indoors. You don’t have have to be into cycling to benefit from the experience of Wattbike training.

We can customize a program to suit your goal, your event or your personal challenge. We have a limited number of places available, book your program and get 2016 off to a positive start. Contact us today to book your programme.

“The Wattbike is the best I have found in my long career that is so close to riding on the road”

Stephen Roche 1987 Tour de France winner.

Wattbike Total Transformation

  • Involves 3 sessions a week on the Wattbike including two one –one sessions at beginning and end.
  • First session set outs heart rate training zones, current weight, current body fat, blood pressure.
  • Food and nutritional advice and guidelines.
  • A ‘How to’ use the Wattbike session and performance effort.
  • Program is identified from the results and agreed plan take place.
  • Commitment to 3 sessions a week for the 6 week
  • 18 sessions 6 week program Cost €215

Expected Results

  • Weight loss: target to be set.
  • Decrease in body fat %. (If necessary)
  • Increase in aerobic fitness (comparison made with starting tests on Wattbike)
  • Increase in Watt per KG rating. (Important value in showing increase in performance)
  • Increased efficiency of pedaling.

Custom Programmes for Competitive & Recreational Cycling

Are your individual needs  Competitive or  Recreational

Programs available to improve: Speed, Power, Endurance, Aerobic threshold levels, cycling technique.  If it’s a weakness in your cycling we can devise a program to scientifically improve it.