Benefits of Suspension Training

All Levels, All Places, All Goals

With a single piece of equipment that can be set up anywhere, you can perform a virtually endless number of Suspension Training Exercises to achieve any fitness or performance goal.

Because you can instantly modify resistance by adjusting body position, Suspension Training workouts are safe and effective for people of all fitness levels.

All Core, all the time

Suspension training workouts develop core strength using functional movements and dynamic positions rather than only lying supine on the floor like most traditional ab training exercises.

In addition to offering a range of intense movements targeting  abdominals specifically, significant core strengthening is integrated into each back, shoulder, chest, hip and leg exercises as well. This is why we say that training on the TRX is “all core, all the time.”

Train in 3-D for better performance

In sports and daily activities, we move in multiple planes of motion at once. A significant constraint of traditional resistance training is that machines and even free weights limit the planes of motion for virtually all exercises, allowing us to train like we live, rather than sitting down and training one single plane or isolated muscle at the time.