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“Having attended James’ circuit training classes and received great training and fitness advice from him over the past 4 years I would recommend James as a Personal Trainer. His knowledge and understanding of training techniques coupled with his ability to apply them to individual needs results in attainment of personal goals. He has an approachable manner and is encouraging in his methods.” Denise Kennedy

“James is a multi talented athlete himself, but more importantly is able to work with people over a range of levels of ability and intensity, while encouraging each individual to attain ‘their’ best level possible. I would recommend James to anybody, whether it be for Peronal Training, Bike Fit or coaching. A thorough professional.” Pete Kelly

“I approached James six weeks before Galway 70.3 in order to get my bike fitted for the first time. As a relative newbie to cycling I found James excellent in terms of not just the fitting but also in the answering of a lot of general cycling questions I had. His attention to detail was excellent and explanation of cycling concepts was also very good. I completed the Galway 70.3 cycle route in 2hrs 49 mins which i was delighted with !! Thanks James” Mark McDonagh

“I was very happy with the level of knowledge and expertise provided by James, and i found the bike fit very helpful in finding my optimum riding position / style. Padraic

“I have experience of James’ expertise on two fronts. Firstly as a personal trainer where I saw him on a one to one basis and (also as part of his group spinning classes). He also set up my bike properly for me (the way it had been setup in the shop I was bound to have injured myself by riding it). What I like most about him is his good natured enthusiasm for all things relating to fitness. He’s an excellent communicator and very knowledgeable about fitness and bikes and also great fun to train with. He pushes you harder than you’d push yourself and makes you laugh while you’re doing it. I’d recommend him whether you’re an elite athlete looking for advice or, like me someone who’s just trying to get fit.” Ronan Kavanagh

“James has made an immediate impact on my racing this season by improving my bike position, focusing on my pedalling style and with some good ideas for future improvements. The equipment at his disposal is state of the art and provides instantaneous relevant feedback. Highly recommended and I will continue to work with him.” Eoghan Clifford

“I recently had a bike fit with James and very beneficial. From my first spin with with the new fit, the difference was very noticeable and made for a much more comfortable spin. I would recommend this bike fit to anyone who cycles, competitively or for recreation, on a regular basis.” Gearóidín Ní Ghioballáin

“I recently got a bike fit with James and I noticed immediate improvements. I was more comfortable on the bike and felt as though I could produce more power for the same levels of effort. The bike fitting was very thorough and the bike fitting rig itself was really impressive. I’d highly recommend James.” Gearoid Hynes

“I’ve trained with James for some time now and continue to find his spinning classes challenging, entertaining and very much results oriented. The same goes for his circuits class – no two classes are the same. That been said, it’s all about the results and results are what James can stand over time and time again. Personally, my fitness has improved dramatically – in the last 6 months he has advised me on training plans for a half marathon and the L’Etap Act 2 (Cycling 208km with near 10k feet of vertical climbing). The last 12 months has also seen dramatic weight loss in line with general fitness improvement. I have no hesitation in recommending James’ services be they general fitness plans, cycling technique advice or the bike fit service (following which solved a niggling shoulder pain and massive improvement in comfort on the bike over long distances).” Owen Finn

“I couldn’t recommend James O’Donnell highly enough. I have found James to be an excellent personal trainer. On a one to one or in a group, he has that perfect combination of being very personable, friendly, highly knowledgeable and supportive. He has always being genuinely interested in how the process fits the person and how your experience of his training technique is helping you to achieve your goals. Personally for me, having worked with personal trainers for over the past 10years, it is extermely important, you find one with the right personality, as I expect skills and expertise as a given. James is quiet unique in this regard, he is extremely likeable, never critical, warm and constantly supportive on your personal fitness journey.” Tony Dolan