Bike Fitting

For cyclists of all levels, being fitted to your bike is the first step in comfort, safety and performance. is proud to bring to Ireland the first of its kind in bike fitting. We provide a state of the art bike fitting service to fit you to your bike perfectly, taking into account several factors including: your cycling style; your physical dimensions, whether you cycle for general fitness or more directed to performance racing, etc.

What is a Bikefit?

A bikefit is a 2 to 3 hour process, which combines a indepth discussion with the client regarding key areas revolving around their cycling, followed by the client riding the size cycle for short periods of time, data obtained from the size cycle is used to calculate the optimium bike fitting characteristics for the client. Following this the position the client is happy with is transferred to their bike. The brilliance of this device is that it allows for what is traditionally know as bike fitting but also for cycling analysis of a rider as they pedal. Its more than just a bike fitting.

What is involved?

Interview. We do a thorough intake of the client’s cycling history and objectives. Areas covered include: cycling experience, any injuries or areas of pain experienced while cycling, cycling objectives (general fitness, racing, etc)

Size Cycle. The client then sits in the size cycle and uses it as they would their own cycle. We analyse the client’s cycling style to modify the various dimensions of the size cycle. Employing CompuTrainer technology, our experienced technicians adjust the size cycle dimension like seat height, handlebar height, seat depth, etc to suit the client perfectly. The client can view the performance increase on the CompuTrainer in realtime, confirming the real improvement in his performance and comfort. The Size Cycle fitting device allows for the most advanced technology to be used in positioning a person on their bike.

The Size Cycle uses dynamic bike fitting, which means that the position of a rider can be altered as they cycle, which gives realtime feedback of the changes and improvements in position as they take place. Along with this exciting feature the size cycle enables analysis of pedalling motion, ensuring the best pedalling motion can be adopted for optimal cycling. Two-dimensional video capturing is used to record the cyclist and make observations and adjustments in their cycling. This state of the art technology will ensure that all aspects of your own cycling technique are assessed in order to give you the best fit possible to you!

Output. The result of the size cycle gives us the dimensions of a custom bike fitting for the client. We can then modify the client’s existing bike accordingly.

What are the benefits?

  • Comfort: Your bike will fit YOU, instead of you fitting to the bike.
  • Safety. A poor fit can impact on overall safety, insofar as general discomfort or a suboptimal reach are concerned. A proper fit increases your safety, by first maximising your comfort, then optimising your reach to all aspects of transmission and control.
  • Financial benefits. When you consider that many clients spend hundreds of hours and thousands of kilometers on the saddle, a less than optimum fit can impact performance, comfort, and safety as discussed, but in addition, may cost much more in the long run than the cost of a bike fit in medical bills, physiotherapy, or other treatments.

After care follow up

Exclusively for clients that have had a bike fit within 30 days of fitting any tweaks and adjustments are made free of charge.