Next Tuesday sees the beginning of our morning Spinning® classes once again.7am on Tuesdays will see our 50minute classes begin, remember we have showers and changing rooms for those who need them prior to work. You can book your place for the five weeks until end of October for just €45 for the Tuesdays or pay by drop in for €10 a class but this will not guarantee you a bike.

We are proud also to announce that we have a new Spinning® instructor in the form of Greg Starr. Those of you that have watched operation transformation might know Greg, he was a participant in 2013, the experience changed his life and lifestyle. Often we wonder what happens to the participants after they finish on the programme, well in the case of Greg it kick started a lifestyle of making better choices and providing himself with time to exercise. This is a problem many of us suffer from regardless of our physical appearance. Remember diet and exercise are important but it all starts with making informed decisions and good choices. Greg has hands on experience of this so feel free to ask him for tips and advice. You will see Greg around on Monday evenings also for the 7pm class.

If you have never done Spinning® before but are interested in giving it a try contact us email/call or text and we will let you know when our next Begin2Spin programme is starting. This is a great way to introduce yourself to indoor cycling, using heart monitors to understand your effort and to exercise in a safe and correct manner that will enhance your lifestyle. We have a programme starting soon so get in touch to book your place. Contact us at Facebook direct messaging or telephone 0876688677

Have a good Wednesday