Summer time weather in thankfully starting to visit us and people make the exodus to outdoor activities its important to stop for a second think about your training. Now that your plans are to spend more time outdoors are you making the benefits from the winter fitness you’ve gained.

Many end up returning to indoor training in September with the realisation that their summer exercise plans fell apart, became lazy and more or less ground to a halt.

Even one day a week of structured exercise can help you maintain your form and fitness, the benefits of this come in many forms.

  • Makes you accountable for your training
  • Helps you see your training at the right intensity to maintain fitness or improve it
  • Allows for regular checks in terms of weight maintenance.
  • Regular monitoring of blood pressure (yesterday was world hypertension day did you get yours tested?)
  • Allows you to discuss and focus on your summer goals/form and activities with the help of some guidance.

We mentioned the checking of blood pressure, listen to the link from Today with Sean O’Rourke on RTE radio 1 morning show from Monday the discussion of blood pressure should encourage you to get yours checked. We can take your blood pressure before a class if you wish just inform us in advance.

Click on the link here: Blood pressure check Today with Sean O’Rourke

The reasons above should help you see the benefits of monitored exercise. At that exercise can come in many forms.

  1. Personal training (one to one instruction)
  2. Group exercise classes  TRX for strength, range of motion and injury prevention
  3. Circuit training for aerobic fitness and strength and weight loss.
  4. Spinning for aerobic fitness, heart rate monitoring while cycling, weight loss, strength and to improve your cycling.
  5. Wattbike programming: Get tested, agree a plan with us, execute the plan. Receive the gains.

If you have specific goals whether towards a specific event or personal goals based on your own health improvement feel free to contact us to discuss and get you and keep you on track.